Sabotage operations in France

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Sabotage operations in France

Message  Bernard O'Connor le Dim 05 Mai 2013, 16:09

I've researched Brickendonbury Manor, a large country house with extensive grounds outside Hertford, U.K. It was requisitioned in 1939 and used to train agents of the Secret Intelligence Service (SIS). The brainchild of Guy Burgess, who had an idea to call it "Guy Fawkes School", its syllabus was devised by Kim Philby. Both Burgess and Philby turned out to be working for the USSR. Known as 'D School', the D stood for destruction. Men were taught the skills of sabotage and sent on operations behind enemy lines. Supplied with explosives, detonators and incendiary devices, known in the trade as "sweets and toys", they planned and implemented attacks. When the Special Operations Executive (SOE) was formed in 1940, they took over the school and it then specialised in industrial sabotage.

Using documents from the National Archives and other sources, I have researched the successes and failures of its 'graduates' in Norway, Denmark, Holland, Belgium and France. In September 2013, Amberley Publishing is publishing the book on Brickendonbury and its involvement in the attacks on heavy water operations in Norway, the assassination of Heydrich in Prague and the blackmail sabotage of Peugeot in France. However, the rest of my research is best made available for other historians.

I have used to publish books on the sabotage operations in Norway, Denmark, Holland and Belgium. I'm currently working on France but, being the largest country in Europe, there was a huge amount of sabotage which I’m gradually finding more details about. I have uncovered fascinating documents about Blackmail sabotage against 29 factories but still need to research the stories of the saboteurs.

Might there be anyone in the community knowledgeable about or interested in French sabotage and French saboteurs who would be able to help answer my questions? Here's the list of targets from December 1943 - Sadly the Excel speadsheet won't paste the table...
Category Factory Type A.N. No. Action Remarks
A. Current SOE Action Toulouse (Brequet) Aircraft 4 RF x No guarantee. Free for all.
Toulouse (Latecoere) Aircraft 5 RF x No guarantee. Free for all.
Gnome et Rhone Limoges Aero-engine 8a RF x No guarantee. Free for all.
CAM (Ivry) Ball bearing 9 RF Ø Owing to high priority, bombing to continue concurrently with SOE attack
CAM (Bois Colombes) Ball bearing 10 RF Ø Owing to high priority, bombing to continue concurrently with SOE attack
Lavalette (St. Ouen) Aircraft equipment & accessories 14 F x Bombing suspended till March 1st
Citroen (Clichy and Quai de Javel) Motor vehicles 18 F Ø Target to be dealt with one month from 5 Jan depending on favourable result of 20 q.v.
Berliet (Lyons) Motor vehicles 19 RF Ø To be attacked by end of Feb.
Michelin (Clermont Ferrand) Rubber tyres 20 F Ø No attack till 5 Jan at earliest
Gnome et Rhone (Gennevilliers) Aero engines 7 F x Bombing suspended till March 1st
Gnome et Rhone (Bvd. Kellemann) Aero engines 8 F x Bombing suspended till March 1st
Further Report Nadella (Levallois Perret) Ball bearing 11 ? Reconnoitre and report if hopeful
Ratier (Figeac) propellors Aircraft equipment & accessories 12 F Technical report awaited
Bronzavia (Courbevoie) Aircraft equipment & accessories 13 RF To be attacked end Feb (deleted)
Kuhlmann (Painboeuf) tetra ethyl lead Chemicals 25 RF Review by Dec 30. Meanwhile no bombing
L.M.T (Billancourt) Radio apparatus 26 ? Special action contemplated

C. To be considered Caudron Renault Aircraft 2 RF Bombing to continue according to current directives until SOE report favourable prospect. Then to be considered by sub-committee. (To be completed by mid-March)
To be completed by mid-March
To be attacked by RF agent if Berliet target is impossible
RF to offer block to Brabant and rest to FF for ??
Amberieux Aircraft 6
Cie. des Lampes (Courbevoie) Radio valves 15 RF
Radio Technique (Suresnes) Radio valves 16 RF
Visseux-Radio (Lyons) Radio valves 17 RF
Bergougnan (Clermont Ferrand) Rubber tyres 21
Englebert Rubber tyres 21a
Ste. Ugine (Ugine) Special steels 22
Jacob Holtzer (Firminy) Special steels 23
Commentry Fourchambault et Decaseville (Imphy) Special steels 24
Parra Mantoie (LeVesinet) Optical glass 28
Meules Norton (La Corneuve) Grinding wheels 29
Durrschmidt (Lyons) Grinding wheels 30 RF To be attacked by RF agent if Berliet target is impossible

Segments Monopole (Poissy) Piston rings 31 To be attacked by mid-March
Amedee Bellee (Le Mans) Piston rings 32
Meulan-les-Mureaux Aircraft 1 No further consideration
Sartrouville Aircraft 3
X Agent at present being briefed.
Ø Agent already in field.

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