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M.I.A. Recovery Network - USA Empty M.I.A. Recovery Network - USA

Message  Phil642 Sam 20 Mai - 6:32

New tool could help solve long-forgotten MIA cases

On July 7, 1944, a month after the Allied invasion of Normandy, soldiers from the 364th Engineer General Service Regiment entered a captured German emplacement that was stocked with munitions — most likely to disarm or dispose of them.

What happened next is unknown, but there was an explosion that claimed the lives of seven men.

A few of the combat engineers were identified in the aftermath of the blast; Pvt. 1st Class Sylvester Haggins, Pvt. Mack Homer, Pvt. Henry Simmons and Technician Fifth Grade Daniel Wyatt were not.

Fast-forward 72 years, and the men have been reduced to names on a register, their loved ones long since buried with their memories and the pain of their losses.

However, thanks to a new tool developed by Kenneth Breaux and his team at M.I.A. Recovery Network, a nonprofit that advocates for missing-in-action servicemembers and their families, there is a renewed sense of hope that at least one of the men could soon be identified.

Lire la suite: https://www.stripes.com/news/new-tool-could-help-solve-long-forgotten-mia-cases-1.468030#.WR_iCozyhQJ

Le site en question: https://miarecoverynetwork.com/

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